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SpeedVal Kit™ Modular Evaluation Platform​ Power Daughter Cards – TO-263-7

Product shot of Wolfspeed's MOD-PWR-MM, a MOSFET modular accessory board (power daughter card), in a TO-263-7 package designed for Wolfspeed's SpeedVal Kit modular evaluation platform.
Half-Bridge arrangement with high-bandwidth current sensing in a TO-263-7 Package Board
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Wolfspeed's MOD-PWR-MM-C3M0075120J is a 1200 V and 75 mΩ MOSFET modular accessory board in a TO-263-7 package that uses Wolfspeed's C3M0075120J Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET in the lower and upper devices. Designed for Wolfspeed's SpeedVal Kit Modular Evaluation Platform. Silicon Carbide MOSFETs in a TO-263-7 package support high power designs and simplify assembly with SMT processes. The SpeedVal Kit TO-263-7 power daughter cards feature two MOSFETs arranged in a half-bridge configuration. The unique card edge interface provides low inductance and simplifies the process of swapping out components, enabling high-quality measurements and quick comparisons between different devices. Power Daughter Cards are optimized for making accurate high-bandwidth current and voltage measurements. ​ An on-board current shunt can be optimized for highly accurate dynamic switching tests, or high-power thermal testing. The coaxial MMCX connectors for VGS and IDS and BNC connectors for VDS provide noise-free measurements to improve accuracy and simplify gate drive optimization. ​ The power daughter cards include a pre-assembled heatsink which aligns with a fan on the motherboard to enable high-power testing.


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SpeedVal Kit™ Modular Evaluation Platform​ Power Daughter Cards – TO-263-7

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SpeedVal Kit™ Modular Evaluation Platform​ Power Daughter Cards – TO-263-7

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Upper Devices
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Blocking Voltage
RDS(ON) at 25°C
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1200 V
75 mΩ

Product Details

  • Gate resistors onboard​
  • Heatsink preassembled on board​
  • BNC connector for lower VDS measurement​
  • MMCX connectors for VGS and IDS measurement​
  • Miller clamp transistor supported​
  • High-Bandwidth current sensor
What's Included
  • Power Daughter Card​
  • Complete design files

SpeedVal Kit Videos

Unboxing Wolfspeed’s SpeedVal Kit​

What’s in the box? Join Wolfspeed Global Distribution Technical Manager Nick Powers as he unboxes the SpeedVal Kit Modular Evaluation Platform and highlights the advantages of using this flexible set of power building blocks for in-circuit evaluation of power system performance.

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Block diagram of the circuit design of the Power Daughter Cards used in Wolfspeed's SpeedVal Kit modular evaluation platform.
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