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Evaluation Board for Wolfspeed’s (C3M™) Silicon Carbide MOSFET in a TO-247-4 Package
NOTE: Not recommended for new designs. KIT-CRD-3DD12P is the recommended replacement.
  • Evaluate and optimize the steady state and switching performance of 3rd generation (C3M™) Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFETs in a TO-247-4 package
  • Analysis of half bridge evaluation board in various topologies i.e. Buck converter; Boost converter etc.
  • Two dedicated gate drivers available for each (C3M™) SiC MOSFET
  • Includes (2) 1200V 75mΩ (C3M™) SiC MOSFETs in a TO-247-4 Package with the testing hardware
  • Documentation includes bill of materials (BOM); schematic; board layout; application note and power point presentation


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Wolfspeed Grows to Meet Supply Challenge and Launches High Performance Gen 3+ Die

Wolfspeed launches automotive 750 V E-Series Bare Die Silicon Carbide MOSFET. The product is automotive qualified with high blocking voltage and low Rds(on), enabling low conduction losses and highest figures of merit in the most demanding applications, such as electric vehicle powertrain and solid-state circuit breakers.
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