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Schottky Diode Characteristics and Applications

What are Schottky Diode characteristics and applications?

Schottky diodes are used for their low turn-on voltage, fast recovery time and low-loss energy at higher frequencies. These characteristics make Schottky diodes capable of rectifying a current by facilitating a quick transition from conducting to blocking state.

Therefore, Schottky diodes are often an ideal choice for semiconductor devices in many applications. Here are five of the most common applications for Schottky diodes.

Radio frequency mixer and detector diode applications
Schottky diodes have high switching speeds and high-frequency capabilities, which make them well-equipped for use in radio frequency applications. Additionally, Schottky diodes have various metal-semiconductor junction configurations, making these semiconducting devices useful in power detector or mixer circuits.

Wolfspeed Schottky Diode Characteristics and Applications Power rectifier applications
Schottky diodes are the best semiconductor devices to use in power rectifier applications because these devices have both a high current density and low forward voltage drop (e.g., 1.27V@25°C, 1.37V@175°C for the C6D10065A for the 650-V, SiC Schottky diode), unlike the characteristics of ordinary PN junction devices. These advantages contribute to lower heat levels, smaller heat sinks included in the design, and an overall increased efficiency of the electronic system.

Power or circuit applications
Schottky diodes can be used in applications where current is generated by two parallel power supplies. The characteristics of a Schottky diode make them well-adapted for use in power or circuit applications because of their low forward voltage drop. The presence of these diodes also prevents reverse current flow from one supply entering the other.

Solar cell applications
Solar cells are often connected to rechargeable batteries to store energy because the sun is not available as an energy source 24 hours a day. SiC Schottky diodes prevent the batteries from discharging through the solar cells at night and prevent high-performing solar cells from discharging through lower-performance solar cells.

Clamp diode applications
Schottky diodes are used as switches in fast-clamp diode applications. In this application, the base junction is forward biased. With Schottky diodes, the turn-off time is significantly reduced and the speed of the circuit is increased.

Wolfspeed manufactures some of the world’s highest-quality, most reliable bandgap semiconductors as evidenced by over 4.7 trillion field hours and the lowest FIT rate. With more than 14 years of SiC-focused commercial diode experience and over 25 years of experience with electronic devices, Wolfspeed is committed to delivering Schottky diodes with higher switching frequencies, lower switching losses, and lower operating temperatures without requiring any additional system modification. In addition, Wolfspeed offers SiC Schottky diodes in a variety of current ratings, voltage ratings and package options to meet any almost any application requirement.

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