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Wolfspeed has the broadest portfolio of SiC Schottky diodes, with more than six trillion field hours, lowest FIT rate, and 30+ years of experience in Silicon Carbide, combined with the fastest delivery times. Our diodes feature the MPS (Merged PiN Schottky) design which is more robust and reliable than standard Schottky barrier diodes. Pairing Wolfspeed SiC diodes with SiC MOSFETs creates a powerful combination of higher efficiency and reduced component pricing when purchased together. Learn more and start designing our diodes into your next power system.

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Product Blocking Voltage (V) Current Rating (A) Package Data Sheet
CSD01060A 600 V 1 A TO-220-2
CSD01060E 600 V 1 A TO-252-2
C3D02060A 600 V 2 A TO-220-2
C3D02060F 600 V 2 A TO-220-F2
C3D02060E 600 V 2 A TO-252-2
C3D03060E 600 V 3 A TO-252-2
C3D03060A 600 V 3 A TO-220-2
C3D03060F 600 V 3 A TO-220-F2
C3D04060A 600 V 4 A TO-220-2
C3D04060E 600 V 4 A TO-252-2
C3D04060F 600 V 4 A TO-220-F2
C3D06060G 600 V 6 A TO-263-2
C3D06060F 600 V 6 A TO-220-F2
C3D06060A 600 V 6 A TO-220-2
C3D08060A 600 V 8 A TO-220-2
C3D08060G 600 V 8 A TO-263-2
C3D10060A 600 V 10 A TO-220-2
C3D10060G 600 V 10 A TO-263-2
C3D16060D 600 V 16 A TO-247-3
C3D20060D 600 V 20 A TO-247-3
C3D02065E 650 V 2 A TO-252-2
C3D03065E 650 V 3 A TO-252-2
C3D04065A 650 V 4 A TO-220-2
C3D04065E 650 V 4 A TO-252-2
C6D04065A 650 V 4 A TO-220-2
C6D06065A 650 V 6 A TO-220-2
C3D06065E 650 V 6 A TO-252-2
C3D06065I 650 V 6 A TO-220 Isolated
C3D06065A 650 V 6 A TO-220-2
C6D08065A 650 V 8 A TO-220-2
C3D08065A 650 V 8 A TO-220-2
C3D08065E 650 V 8 A TO-252-2
C3D08065I 650 V 8 A TO-220 Isolated
C3D10065E 650 V 10 A TO-252-2
C3D10065I 650 V 10 A TO-220 Isolated
C3D10065A 650 V 10 A TO-220-2
C6D10065A 650 V 10 A TO-220-2
C3D12065A 650 V 12 A TO-220-2
C3D16065D1 650 V 16 A TO-247-3
C3D16065D 650 V 16 A TO-247-3
C3D16065A 650 V 16 A TO-220-2
C3D20065D 650 V 20 A TO-247-3
CVFD20065A 650 V 20 A TO-220-2
C3D30065D 650 V 30 A TO-247-3
C5D50065D 650 V 50 A TO-247-3
C4D02120A 1200 V 2 A TO-220-2
C4D02120E 1200 V 2 A TO-252-2
C4D05120A 1200 V 5 A TO-220-2
C4D05120E 1200 V 5 A TO-252-2
C4D08120A 1200 V 8 A TO-220-2
C4D08120E 1200 V 8 A TO-252-2
E4D10120A 1200 V 10 A TO-220-2
C4D10120A 1200 V 10 A TO-220-2
C4D10120E 1200 V 10 A TO-252-2
C4D10120H 1200 V 10 A TO-247-2
C4D10120D 1200 V 10 A TO-247-3
C4D15120D 1200 V 15 A TO-247-3
C4D15120A 1200 V 15 A TO-220-2
C4D15120H 1200 V 15 A TO-247-2
C4D20120D 1200 V 20 A TO-247-3
C4D20120A 1200 V 20 A TO-220-2
C4D20120H 1200 V 20 A TO-247-2
E4D20120A 1200 V 20 A TO-220-2
C4D30120D 1200 V 30 A TO-247-3
C4D40120D 1200 V 40 A TO-247-3
C5D05170H 1700 V 5 A TO-247-2
C5D10170H 1700 V 10 A TO-247-2
C3D10170H 1700 V 10 A TO-247-2
C3D25170H 1700 V 25 A TO-247-2
C5D25170H 1700 V 25 A TO-247-2

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