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Energy Storage

Silicon Carbide in Energy Storage Applications

Paul Kierstead
Sep 20, 2021
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This session will cover the emerging energy storage segment and the ways Silicon Carbide (SiC) power devices can enable highest performance and lower system cost.  We will start with a breakdown of the major subsegments and technical details such as system hardware configurations, input, output voltages and power levels, key power blocks and topologies and prevalent component selections in today’s systems.  Next, we will outline the areas where Silicon Carbide devices can have an impact and describe alternative topologies, SiC component selection and outline the improvements in energy efficiency, system size, weight and cost achievable with Silicon Carbide.  Finally, we will present design approaches to optimize performance through gate drivers and gate driving design, circuit board layout techniques, choices of passive components and thermal management approaches. Adam Anders of Wolfspeed covers how to model with the SpeedFit Design Simulator™, a powerful online simulator that allows designers to quickly evaluate different power conversion topologies and Silicon Carbide devices. The platform is best utilized early in a design cycle to analyze design tradeoffs between different topologies, estimate semiconductor losses and junction temperatures, as well as identifying the best Silicon Carbide MOSFETs and Silicon Carbide diodes to use in a given design. This webinar was part of the 2021 Wolfspeed Summer Series where Silicon Carbide experts covered a number of technical sessions intended to help design engineers build devices that will power tomorrow.

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