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Silicon Carbide

Summer Seminar Series 2021

Sep 20, 2021
Chinese (中文)
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Wolfspeed Summer Series where Silicon Carbide (SiC) experts offer a number of technical sessions designed to help design engineers build devices that will power tomorrow. The courses are available on demand and cover topics: The Future of Silicon Carbide (SiC), Designing with SiC in High Power Electric Vehicle (EV) Fast Charging Applications, Modeling with Speed Fit, and more! A special Industry Panel wraps up the series with guests, industry innovators, and Wolfspeed CEO Greg Lowe as they discuss what they are seeing and hearing in the Silicon Carbide industry.

Keynote: Dare to Imagine the Future of Silicon Carbide

Deciphering Data Sheets

Read the Supporting White Paper

Designing for Scalability in High Power Applications

Designing with Silicon Carbide (SiC) in High Power Electric Vehicle (EV) Fast Charging Applications

Modeling with Speedfit

Gate Driver Considerations

Dynamic Characterization and Measurement Methods

Silicon Carbide in Energy Storage Applications

Silicon Carbide in Grid-Tied Applications

Silicon Carbide Enables Off-Line Switching Mode Power Supplies

Silicon Carbide - Future in Focus

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Power Applications Forum
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Wolfspeed Grows to Meet Supply Challenge and Launches High Performance Gen 3+ Die

Wolfspeed launches automotive 750 V E-Series Bare Die Silicon Carbide MOSFET. The product is automotive qualified with high blocking voltage and low Rds(on), enabling low conduction losses and highest figures of merit in the most demanding applications, such as electric vehicle powertrain and solid-state circuit breakers.
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